When time flies!

Hard to believe sometimes how old I am – inside I feel young and full of life – one look in the mirror and I don’t know who is staring back at me?

I may have years of experience in some scenarios and nil experience in others – I still don’t feel as though I am full of wisdom – just a whole lot of grey hairs – which signal a response from those younger – asking if you have a pension card ?  what ?  I don’t look that old do I ?  Oh yes forgot the mirror incident – damn when did that happen.

Some say you are as young as you feel !  well I feel young – so how come my looks don’t follow my feelings??

I even dream myself as younger, slimmer and full of energy, running, jumping, skipping, dancing !  and then I wake and move – my back pings with bulging disc pain – ah shit ! this sucks !  

OK I am focusing on health, energy, total fitness – eliminate all thoughts of pain, disease, procrastination, whinging!
Move with caution, don’t lift, don’t sit, don’t drive – just walk and gently stretch, arch back, stretch to the sky, lie down and rest!  
Rest the body, rest the mind, escape to nowhere!  Bliss of nothingness!
Why am I here?


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