Norfolk touring

A quick trip on Saturday to Northampton for a family gathering and then toured Norfolk on Sunday…. 

destination Norfolk Lavender farm…..


Norfolk Lavender farm

 I know it’s a bit early in the season but wanted to take advantage of being north of London and home – travelling east to the lavender farm and check it out for future trips and touring of the local area…

Norfolk Lavender farm

we weren’t disappointed… and definitely plan a trip back to the area and spend a few days seeing the sights…

Obviously…. bought a few lavender delights from the shop….

Norfolk Lavender farm

a good sized lavender wheat bag for my lower back when in crisis mode….

and 1/2 kilo of dried lavender flowers…. to be used in wardrobes, linen and woollen jumper drawers…

and of course a few extra bits and pieces….

Norfolk Lavender farm

lavender and honey soap, a handcream made with beeswax, honey and lavender oils, lavender oil,  lavender room spray and lavender bedroom sleep and relax spray…. oh, and of course local honey and some local produce from the farm shop…

muesli, salmon and asparagus quiche and a venison pie … all too good to ignore… and yes cake… a delicious date and walnut loaf….. all gone now….

trip home was via Sandringham…. where the Royal family gather for Christmas….

fantastic grounds and beautiful location….. although did not stop …. that’s another trip…. we were more determined to walk through Thetford Forest on the way home….

a bit of fresh air surrounded by the greeeeeen of the forest………..Thetford ForestThetford Forest

 a very enjoyable, beautiful weekend……..


Published by: BSF

Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia to Polish parents, my upbringing was totally influenced by strong family values, Polish culture and customs based on Roman Catholic calendar, as well as the folkloric aspect of dressing up in regional dress and performing in Polish Folk Dancing, as well as the consumption of many home cooked Polish meals. Today, I live with my English husband in the UK, and I am a mother of two (all grown now) and grandma to one (granddaughter 5yrs). I love to travel, walk, take photos, blog, cook and spend time with my family in Australia (when I get the chance). I have a huge interest in natural medicine, which lead me to study at university in my 40's. I love exploring what this life is about, which has included reading motivational, spiritual and self-empowerment books and attending self-empowerment courses.

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