Chaos in Pictures

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Found these really old photos of me from 1973-74 when I was living in Poland …

May Day 1974 Lodz, Poland

which I didn’t realize I had on my laptop…

Beer and a grilled kielbasa

not sure how they got here I obviously scanned them at some stage in the past hoping to preserve old memories before they totally turn orange in the photo ablum…

Winter coat

and then totally forgot about them…

My serious face

so found today and decided to have some fun and turn them into fotoart….

A Blast from the Past

This find has also made me realize the chaos which exists in my Pictures folder…..

Spring 1974 Lodz, Poland

beginning to sort it out a bit… didn’t realize how “out of control” it is !
is this a reflection of me?

Balcony view

It seems sometimes I have been methodical and organised and other times well…..????
just uploaded to computer and nothing else… so sad… so frustratiing…
I remember taking certain photos and then can’t find them… ugh!!
I am now making my way through the “How to” with Picasa….
think this will help me organize my photos…???
still working out how it all comes together???
Anybody out there with some advice?