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I’ve been looking a little deeper at my numerology chart and here is what I have found: I am floating in a sea of endless time – great vistas and a feeling of lifetimes behind and ahead of me. I get the feeling of urgency , things that must be done, lessons that must be experienced. I sense the rhythm of life, the cycles we all experience. From my Life Path in combination with my Soul Urge, I have a pleasant personality, and I am generally liked by others. I can be easily hurt at times, and as a result I am more careful with displaying my feelings than I used to be. I am a very busy person who is always on the go. The more I have on my plate, the better. At times I wish I had less to do, but I would be totally lost if I woke up one morning and found nothing at all to do! This couldn’t happen, of course, as every time I get a space I seem to fill it up very quickly. I’ll be just as busy in late life as well … in fact I won’t get time to grow old, I’ll just simply keep on growing! Having said that, it’s not surprising I need a break after this past year. Let’s face it – we all need a little breathing space now and again to re-charge our batteries. I must remember to take time to smell the roses!
Glastonbury Tor
I have had a few worries recently about money, but I know I have the power to solve them. While it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride financially these past couple of years, the next 18 months or so will be a lot easier. Looking at my Personal Days and Personal Months, I should be pleased … it shows that shortly I will receive some pleasant news. It is nothing momentous, but is sufficient to raise my sights and hopes. It is good news. A period early on in my life – teenage years – when I felt misunderstood, as if I couldn’t really get close to anyone, as if I was walking on the outside of life. These feelings very occasionally reoccur.
Barbara Summers
I am a very special person. The experiences I have undergone are all for a very special purpose, one I am not aware of yet. Nevertheless, I am progressing in exactly the right direction. My timing is good and I am learning from every experience. I believe in reincarnation, and I get the feeling I am a highly evolved person, as if I have lived many times before. In time I will have much to offer the rest of you. Romantically, it has not always been easy, and my outlook on life has changed because of this. It is much easier now in this regard than in the past. I have sometimes wondered if I have made the right decisions at times, and it looks as if I have. I work best when I make my own mind up on things, though it is useful to ask other people for advice before I make my own mind up.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
I see some travel in my future, and several new horizons beckoning. My progress in this world has not always been as fast as I would like, but I can see significant growth in the future. I tend to feel I have a lot of unused capacity, and that people don’t always give me full credit for my abilities. I can see myself happy and productive in my old age, surrounded by friends and family. I am of above average intelligence, and will keep on learning all the way through life.


This is just the smallest glimpse of what numerology can show you about your past, your present, and your future.
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Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia to Polish parents, my upbringing was totally influenced by strong family values, Polish culture and customs based on Roman Catholic calendar, as well as the folkloric aspect of dressing up in regional dress and performing in Polish Folk Dancing, as well as the consumption of many home cooked Polish meals. Today, I live with my English husband in the UK, and I am a mother of two (all grown now) and grandma to one (granddaughter 5yrs). I love to travel, walk, take photos, blog, cook and spend time with my family in Australia (when I get the chance). I have a huge interest in natural medicine, which lead me to study at university in my 40's. I love exploring what this life is about, which has included reading motivational, spiritual and self-empowerment books and attending self-empowerment courses.

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