Favourite Places – Stonehenge

One of the best places to visit ….  Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK

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All photos were taken by BSF

Age: estimated at 3100 BC
Type of stone: Bluestone, Sarson, Welsh Sandstone
Worship: Lunar, Solar
Note: Except on special or arranged occasions, visitors are unable to walk amongst the stones

The best time to visit Stonehenge is early… at opening time before all the tourist buses arrive… and even better during winter… when not many are game enough to venture out too early in the morning… we found Sunday morning just on opening time 9.30am was just perfect on our last visit… it happened to be early July and we were enroute to Bath with family visiting from Australia.  We packed a breakfast snack pork sausages, baguet, tomato sauce (of course) and a thermos of coffee – no waiting in queues for refreshments – we have our own thanks – and ready to eat now.

After our Stonehenge visit we continued our journey on towards Glastonbury…. more to show and tell in next up and coming post….  ciao!