Contemplating Wellness

Contemplating my wellness – over many weeks now I have been considering whether I am in a state of “constantly, consciously in pursuit of living life to its fullest potential“.?

I don’t think so – my physical health has not been 100% – and so this obviously affects my mind – or is it my mind and my thoughts which are creating symptoms in my body – and what if it is coming from my soul – is my spirit sending me a message – am I unaware, unconscious?

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Ask, believing, and it is granted.


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Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia to Polish parents, my upbringing was totally influenced by strong family values, Polish culture and customs based on Roman Catholic calendar, as well as the folkloric aspect of dressing up in regional dress and performing in Polish Folk Dancing, as well as the consumption of many home cooked Polish meals. Today, I live with my English husband in the UK, and I am a mother of two (all grown now) and grandma to one (granddaughter 5yrs). I love to travel, walk, take photos, blog, cook and spend time with my family in Australia (when I get the chance). I have a huge interest in natural medicine, which lead me to study at university in my 40's. I love exploring what this life is about, which has included reading motivational, spiritual and self-empowerment books and attending self-empowerment courses.

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