FLASHBACK! where did the time go?

Christmas Littlehampton 2010

What the hell happened to December and January?  Today is February and I have so much to catch up with, storywise and photowise, I wonder whether it is worth bothering even?

Leander Christmas Dinner Dance
Leander Christmas Dinner Dance

December and Christmas celebrations were fantastic – a gathering early December with the tenants of Leander Court at the good old “Marine Hotel” for a night of dining, wining and dancing.  Amazingly the weather had cleared and calmed for our night and we managed to walk there without getting wet or blown away.

Leander Christmas Dinner
Leander Christmas Dinner

It was also the fastest service we have ever experienced anywhere (apart from fast food places).  The staff were on the ball as soon as we sat down to our tables, orders taken for starters, and out they came before we could get our first drink down.  Same process with mains and deserts – all a bit freaky!

Leander Christmas
Youngs ones line dancing!

Despite the “freaky fast food” service we all thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the dancing, with a good DJ couple (they looked a bit strange) with an interesting selection of dance tunes to cater to our average (?) age group – maybe not, more songs from the 70’s and 80’s and then the requests from the younger mob started pouring in and all that line dancing?

Leander Christmas
Leander Young Ones

and I lost interest (but only a bit).

I don’t do line dancing, OK!

So, took some great photos of the group and managed to post them within days on Youtube and Facebook.  Well at least for those who have access to the internet.

From here in a flash, it was Christmas Eve, which entailed a long drive to Littlehampton for the family gathering, over the next three nights and days.

By now there was loads of snow still covering the countryside and freezing temperatures – main concern – more snow and black ice on the roads.  Fingers crossed we headed out and luckily the majority of the journey was along motorways and main roads and they were all quite dry in comparison to our little Tankerton.

Champagne whilst the turkey cooks

The house soon filled up and everyone was glad to be indoors and eating a warm meal.

The temperature overnight below freezing and in the morning everything was covered with a white frost.

Cooking and other duties allocated amongst family members and the house was full of cheer and laughter.

Once the turkey was in the oven, a quick trip down the road to Arundel for a glass or two of champagne in celebration of Christmas Day and all of us being able to make it.

We had a secret Santa – where each person had to buy two £5 presents – and then numbers were attached to the presents and accompanying number stuffed into the crackers – a bit like a lucky dip!  Of course, there was “blind trading” and “open trading” which always makes for good fun.

Little Teddy going up!

Then we moved outdoors to let off some Chinese lanterns and somehow managed (just barely) not to burn down the marquee.  And yes we sent up balloon teddy attached to the lantern.  He had a great ride.   A quick look at our celebrations is here.
OMG… think this will do for now! Ciao!


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