Despite the weather, get out and walk!


Weather forecasts can dampen your day!  Right?  How often do you check the weather forecast before you decide what you will do with the day? 1. Never; 2. Sometimes; 3. Always.?

Canterbury, Kent, UK


It’s true we all love beautiful sunny days, not too hot, not too fresh, not too humid; just perfect days; perfect weather days which make you feel alive!  and why is that?  Are we saying that we only function on perfect days? No, I don’t think so.  Or maybe, if the weather is not perfect, we just use it as an excuse to not take part in living?

Seriously, think about it, how many times have you looked at the miserable weather forecast and decided to stay indoors?  1. Every time; 2. Sometimes; 3. Never.?

It’s true, yes? we do allow the weather to dictate the outcome of our plans.   Absurd! I mean really, if I was to wait for the perfect weather day here in good old England, I may as well board up the door and the windows and just resign myself to living the life of a hermit!

West Gate, Canterbury, Kent


I don’t mind being a hermit now and then, it’s good for the soul; peaceful, no interaction with the outside world, no need for communicating verbally, total bliss and so contemplative! I love being in my space, but too long is not good either. We, humans, are social beings and beings with needs such as fresh air, sun, exercise and stimuli for our senses.  Agree?

Canterbury, Kent, UK


Yes you,  climb out of your hole or your cave, and get out and walk. Of course, I draw the line at sub-zero temperatures and gale force winds, but generally speaking, these are extremes only, and just like the perfect day only happen on occasion. So, the best remedy for winter blues is out in the open spaces. Walk anywhere, round your neighbourhood, down to the next village, a walk in the woods, along the seafront, any place to refresh your foggy mind, body and soul. You will be thankful for it.


My ritual during winter months: walk daily (exceptional conditions apply) and I am so lucky, I live only a hop, skip and a jump from the seafront.  So a walk in either direction along the seafront can take me to the town of Whitstable or for a good stretch a walk to the town of Herne Bay.  Of course, there is also my favourite car drive away forest walk in Clowes Wood and another favourite as seen in these photos and my slideshow of our walk around the perimeter of Canterbury’s City wall here.

Canterbury Wall Walk
Canterbury Wall Walk – the two of us!


The walk around Canterbury we did on Sunday, yes it was grey and cloudy with a forecast of possible showers, and a strong wind blowing bringing with it a wind chill factor, but it was not going to deter us from enjoying the outdoors, stretching out our legs and exploring our local Kent.  We just feel so much better afterwards and really enjoy and appreciate having a warm home to come back to!    Where have you walked lately?  Come on,  share it!


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Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia to Polish parents, my upbringing was totally influenced by strong family values, Polish culture and customs based on Roman Catholic calendar, as well as the folkloric aspect of dressing up in regional dress and performing in Polish Folk Dancing, as well as the consumption of many home cooked Polish meals. Today, I live with my English husband in the UK, and I am a mother of two (all grown now) and grandma to one (granddaughter 6yrs). I love to travel, walk, take photos, blog, cook and spend time with my family in Australia (when I get the chance). I have a huge interest in natural medicine, which lead me to study at university in my 40's. I love exploring what this life is about, which has included reading motivational, spiritual and self-empowerment books and attending self-empowerment courses.

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