As far as the eye can see! Norfolk!

‘You either get Norfolk, with its wild roughness and uncultivated oddities, or you don’t. It’s not all soft and lovely. It doesn’t ask to be loved.’  Stephen Fry

Hunstanton Seafront

A quick trip to Northampton for a weekend with relatives and then cross country heading east towards Norfolk.  What a treat… the landscape here is unlike anything else I’ve experienced.  You can literally see for miles… miles and miles of farm land… reclaimed coastline…  ditches and dykes… and raised roadways… a real sight to behold.  Something so special about this place!

Hunstanton Seafront

Stunning coastline and beautiful woodlands and forests…. Sandringham Country Park …. a fantastic treat… great walking tracks amongst the tall trees… a sheer pleasure to explore.

Sandringham Country Park

At Sandringham Country Park nearly 243 hectares are available to visitors –  open every day and there is no charge for entry and parking is also free.

Enjoy walking along one of the marked Nature Trails (one 1.5 miles long and the other 2.5 miles long) OR explore one of the many other unmarked nature trails.

The Country Park is planted with a mixture of evergreen and deciduous trees, mainly Corsican and Scots pine mixed with oak, sweet chestnut and birch, and supports an abundance of animals, birds and plants.

Close to Sandringham Country Park west of the A149 is Castle Rising Castle… a fantastic historical site well worth a visit…. and right next door Castle Rising Village with some amazingly quaint historical buildings.

Castle Rising Castle


Castle Rising Castle


Castle Rising Castle
St Lawrence Church, Castle Rising Village
Trinity Hospital, Castle Rising
Unique Tea Rooms (Old Post Office) Castle Rising

THE FORMER post office at Castle Rising is brewing up a very different style of business in the centre of the village.

Instead of stamps, letters and parcels, now it is pots of tea and home-made cakes and scones that are being passed across the counter.

They serve breakfasts, hot lunches and snacks and traditional pots of tea, coffee and home-made cakes and scones.  Well worth a visit and a good sit down and feasting to be had.

En route home… stopped off at Bury St Edmunds and Lavenham…. for a quick tour of the Abbey grounds of St Edmunds and a bite to eat in the historic Guildhall of Lavenham.


Bury St Edmunds Abbey ruins




Bury St Edmunds

Guildhall, Lavenham
Lavenham historic buildings
Lavenham historic buildings