Roman footprints in Kent

Quick Tourist

Yesterday’s visit to Lullingstone Roman Villa was the result of my husband and I both wanting to get out, but both of us feeling a bit under the weather (head cold symptoms) and the weather forecast a mere 14C max, with ENE wind gusts up to 25mph.  Obviously, not the most ideal day for doing a long distance walk along the seafront.

A quick search through the English Heritage guide book and there it was, just a short drive (45miles approx. one hour) from Whitstable, the perfect all-weather historical site – Lullingstone Roman Villa.  Just what we needed a quick fix of history, a few hours out of the house and away from the coastal wind gusts.

>Roman History in Britain

Roman Britain was the part of Great Britain controlled by the Roman Empire between 43 and 410AD (, and because of this great historical fact there are some fantastic ruins dotted all over Britain to be explored.  I just love it!  Walking over the same ground which some Roman woman had walked over and cooked the family meal.  Gives me goosebumps!

Here’s the bit about Lullingstone Roman Villa

Set in the attractive surroundings of the Darent Valley in Kent, the villa was begun in about AD 100, and developed to suit the tastes and beliefs of successive wealthy owners, reaching its peak of luxury in the mid-4th century.

What makes it one of the most important Roman sites in the country is the discovery of a fourth-century house-church within the villa, and it provides some of the earliest evidence of Christianity in Britain.

End of an age

By the early 5th century Roman rule in Britain had ended and the villa had been abandoned.

Today, what visitors see over most of the site (apart from the mosaics and cellar) are not the Roman floors.  Instead, the levels seen are either the layers on which the floors were built, or, for some of the rooms that had underfloor heating, the “sub-floor” on which the pilae (hypocaust supports) stood.

Read more about Lullingstone Roman Villa here….

Under the care of English Heritage if you are a member you don’t pay entrance fee or parking fee, for Visitor Information check it out here…

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and the surrounding area is quite beautiful – good enough for a picnic lunch (yes we packed our own).  Light refreshments are available at the villa – very basic – hot beverages machine, cold drinks fridge and snacks.

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