Good morning sunshine

This morning’s sunrise was beautiful – grabbed my camera, rugged up and walked down to the seafront to grab a few shots of the splendid colours, it’s a real shame we aren’t on the east coast (our seafront faces north). So I quickly walked up towards the top of Tankerton Slopes to where the canons rest to get a better shot. Still not high enough but better than at my street level with all the houses in the way.

There is something about sunrise, there is a real magic in the air, a feeling of new beginnings, and the silence which exists prior to the hustle and bustle of the day. I just love it, and today especially the wind is blowing SSE so not exactly freezing your nuts off! even though the temperature is a low 9 degrees celsius. However, today with the cloud cover it won’t feel too cold, even though the maximum temp is expected to reach 13C.

Always reminds me of John Denver’s song – sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!

I just love it! So, I am a fan of John Denver, live with it!

Today’s sunrise was at: 07:44 and sunset is at: 17:44 daylight hours 9h 59m 06s.  Gradually the daylight hours are diminishing and I am starting to feel like the hen who can’t help but get into my roost at sunset and not want to stir before sunrise!  Unfortunately life is not like that, we have electricity and heating, and we insist on staying up to all hours of the night, and have partners who need a lift to the train station at 7.10am in the morning.  So, no wonder I am feeling really sleepy lately, I can’t be that chook!


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