Reculver Walk Jan 2014At the end of 2013, I had spent three (3) months in Australia, catching up with my children and grandchild, my family in Perth, and also managed to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday whilst there.  Which was all absolutely wonderful.  However, I didn’t do much walking, and the walking I did do was nothing like the walks we do here in the UK.  The weather was a bit too warm for me and we had a grandchild in tow, so I wouldn’t really call it walking!

Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (1)
Tankerton Slopes to Hampton Pier

On my return to this lovely, walk friendly country, I was keen to get back into my walking and I had to get back up to speed with my stamina and fitness, especially since my darling husband had been walking all that time on his own and getting fitter than me!  Yikes!

Definitely makes it hard for me to keep up with the stride of a 6′ 2″ tall male when my stride is way shorter (I am only 5′ 2″ tall)…. yeah not funny!

Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (2)
Hampton Pier

I returned on December 29, in time for New Year with the family here (we had Xmas dinner and New Year celebrations rolled into one)… go figure!  I think I slept through most of!

I suffered with jetlag for about 10 days, but that was no excuse, started my “get back to walking” routine on first day in January, just a short 3.5 miles around Whitstable, and by January 10, we walked to Reculver and then back to Herne Bay, a mere 10.7 miles.

Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (3)
Herne Bay

We love the Reculver Walk, have done it a number of times over the last few years, and it was the first leg of our Saxon Shore Way walks.  Up to date we have done most of the Saxon Shore, apart from a few sections which go inland along the old Saxon shoreline, and some marshes, which we have not been able to attempt due to all the rain with resulting floods.  So hopefully we will finish those this year once everything dries out.

Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (4)
Walk from Herne Bay to Reculver – can you see us? well our shadows?
Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (5)
Reculver in sight
Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (6)
Approaching Reculver
Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (7)

The plan was to walk to Reculver and then get the bus back to Herne Bay and then another bus home to Tankerton.  However, it was such a beautiful day, and even though we had taken snacks for the walk, we ended up having a lovely lunch at the King Ethelbert Inn.  I loved my jacket potato filled with crayfish tails, and oh my it was huge!  But absolutely delicious and yes I ate most of it with some help from my darling.

Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (8)
The King Ethelbert Inn
Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (9)
Lovely lunch at the King Ethelbert Inn

After lunch and some sun soaking, we still had a good hour before the arrival of the bus. Reculver’s bus service occurs only twice a day, in the morning about 9.30am and then in the afternoon at approximately 1.30pm, and so what do we do?  we decided to walk back to Herne Bay and catch the bus from there home.  Wonderful just another few miles and on a full stomach… something I hate doing… walking when my stomach needs to digest.  Needless to say, it was a slower walk back!

Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (10)
Decided to walk back to Herne Bay – instead of waiting for bus
Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (11)
Walk from Reculver to Herne Bay
Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (12)
Approaching Herne Bay – wind farm in the distance; and Herne Bay pier
Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (13)
Beautiful day for a walk
Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (14)
The moon above Reculver
Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (15)
Approaching Herne Bay
Reculver Walk Jan 2014 (17)
Keith and Barb with Reculver in background

A great walk, love it, everytime!


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