Hello and Welcome!  Thank you so much for dropping in.

My name is Barbara Summers and I created this blog MiFotoLife to simply share my “snap happy moments” in life.   I hope you enjoy reading, commenting and browsing through all the photos and blogs about out walks and travels.

Photo taking helps me remember events in my life and through them I love to recall the memories of holidays, family gatherings, our travels and walking adventures.

I am no expert, I just point and shoot, take heaps of photos (it is not hard for me to take a mere 300 photos on one of our 4-5hr walks), in the hope there will be a few good shots worth keeping at the end of the day (bearing in mind there are only a few I end up deleting).

I love digital… wish it was around when my babies where growing.

I love the freedom of creating new images by tweeking the shadows, highlights and contrast.  This is where I love to play.

Photography helps me to focus and to see the world around me.

All photos appearing in this blog are taken by me (OK, I admit some  by my darling husband, mainly the photos of me on my own, I will credit him for those).

Please be kind and respect my copyright.